What to do in September to your Lawn
It’s time to start considering how to protect your grass through winter. Autumn is a good time to scarify your lawn, especially if there is moss present.
Scarification clears dead grass and debris from the base of the plants and allows water to filter through the sward into the soil. It stimulates the grass plants to the tiller. Tillering is the production of new shoots from the base of the plant.
Hollow tine aeration can also help with winter drainage.
Switch to a winter feeding regime.  That means changing the formulation of the feed to one with very little nitrogen and lots of phosphorus and potassium. In autumn and winter, you need to support root growth and discourage leaf growth.
You must be vigilant to look for signs of disease.
Any weeds need treating, chemical treatments will work slower so best to tackle things now if you can, contact us today to discuss how we can help look after your lawn this Autumn.
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